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Structural Works That We Offer And More

Structural Works That We Offer And More

1.Board walks
2.Boat hoists
3.Boat lifts
4.Boat ramps
5.Marine equipment
7.Industrial equipment
8.Mechanical constructions
9.Commercials piers
11.Container terminals
14.All type of fabrication
15.Water way structures
16.Jackup barge
17.Hand rails
18.Pire piling and bucket heads
19.Cooling towers
20.Aluminum walkways
21.Machine guards
22.Machine gears
23.Reconditioning cylinder heads
24.Ship chandler
25.Pile jackets and wraps
26.Drinking water resources tank
27.Piping lines systems and support
braces and repair
28.Ferry terminals
29.Floating docks
30.Harbor buildings
35.Industrial piers
36.Marine pipelines
37.Plat formers
38.Hydro electrical facilities
39.Outfalls and intakes
40.Sail, seals, guides ,shafts ,and
42.Heat exchanges
43.Port structures
44.Waterway structures
45.Fuel tanks
46.Marine bucket heads
47.welded erection tanks
48.Stainless steel tanks
49.bulk grapples
50.Offshore layup of mobile units
51.Maintenance of cargo holdings
52.Bridge repair
53.Cathodic protection
54.Quayside repair works and flood protection works
55.Load conveyor belt

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