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Service: Sales Retail And Purchases

Service: sales retail and purchases

Service: sales retail and purchases
We can provide anything you find on dock
As a pioneer and one of the leading fabricators at the Jordanian heavy steels and alloys works industries , we have over the years founded a firm industrial foundation with a capability to perform industrial service schedules that fits the scale of our industry. Our site is designed to adopt any project size and prepared with all the necessary technological special and heavy equipment to operate on full capacity, and our qualified trained technician personals are able to form and fabricate all steels and alloys shapes and standards, welding with deferent welding technical standards according to local and international industrial measurements and quality criteria’s. All Our fabricated
parts go under a %100 dimensional and NDT/NDI certified testing’s inspection before handling by our clients and customers. And additional testing’s such as load testing and pressure hydro is available. Bringing precession and quality to our clients.

We offer all traditional steel and alloy process’s such:

1. Laser precision cutting and all methods of material removal -rolling bending and shaping.
2.Casting large size steel and alloy forming and casting.
3.Welding, bolting and marine underwater structure sowings.
4.Oxy acetylene welding TIG-MEG-STICK –CO-2ARCH-AVC –SAW –GNAW and SMAW welding
5.Milling, boring, surface spin & turning surface grinding and CNC machining.
6.We offer our product finishing services.
7.Structures corrosion control , sandblasting and chemical stripping –acidizing stripping –anodizing
coating –galvanizing coating steel – special thermal paints – marine paints –and custom and special
gel coats and paints ,tooling, finishing and polishing .
8.We work with almost any steel or alloy in there deferent forms and shapes such as coil and sheet,
rod and bar, tube and pipe or any custom form for any technical specs needs , and we obtain all
necessary heavy and light machinery to proceed with any task required.
Stainless steel all grades
4/17-321-310-304ph-410-and 416
Aluminum all grades
-6063-6061-5052-3003-2024-214and 7075
Nickel all grades
-400-200K-625-601-600-500and 718
Carbon steels A36
Mild –low-medium –high-and ultra high carbon steel
Titanium, bronze, brace, phosphoric brace and special metallic and non metallic materials

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