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Overhall And Maintenance Of Mechanical And Electromechanical Application

Overhall and maintenance of mechanical And electromechanical application

We repair revamp update and reconstruct a verity of mechanical and electro mechanical applications and system upgrades and new
component installations.

We offer full service from simple electric repair to ground up system design and installations , of ac and dc systems, electronic
navigational systems and components.

We offer a timely maintenance and repair service and routine maintenance service for mechanical and electrical system
diagnostics and trouble shooting and updates in accordance to the highest industrial standards.

1.Repair and recovery of electromagnetic electrical
motor coil windings
2.Marine two stroke diesel engines installation,
modification and repair
3. Cylinder and valve reconfiguration.
4.Transmission gear system fabrication installation
and repair
5.Marine propeller blades design modification,
installation and repair
6.Outdrives, shafts, controls, gen sets and ac units
modification insulation and repair
7.Body and frame of marine vehicles maintenance
and repair
8.Wheel loader applications installation and repair
9.Thread repares recoil system
10.Fabrication, reconstruction and recovery of all internal and external gears and all
types of mechanical gears – such: spur gears-rack and pinion –internal ring gears –
helical gears –spiral gears –and double helical gears and more.
11.And we construct all type of jacks and repair of jack pumps for tilted frames and title
frame jacks and lifting platforms , hydraulic supplied machines and all hydraulic
machine applications such : beam jacks , cylinder, single action, telescopic, pneumatic
jacks , AC and tie rod HE , hydraulic pressure oil and air jacks.

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