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Service: Sales Retail And Purchases

Service: sales retail and purchases

We can provide anything you find on dock
We offer a wide range of options for our client’s purchases and requirements and commuted to bring
the best products from global brands custom or technical applications. Special materials and alloy
steel or metal raw materials, mechanical and electrical components at a competitive price without
compromising the quality of products and at an abundant supply on demand , allot of our
installations are requested by projects from us because our customers know that we don’t just
purchase but also we get the insulation job right
1.Architectural construction material envelops, metal and alloy raw material envelops. Paints &
resins, and special finishing materials.
2.Shipyard management supplies.
3.Mechanical chemical additives and lubricants
4.Engine kits ,auxiliary and diesel engines, turbo chargers, cylinder lines, pistons and piston crowns
, caskets, thermometers and alternators, filter & cooling units and power supply systems,
5.Electrical and navigational logistic marine communication equipment, control room system
applications and indicators system components.
6.Radio and satellite, GYRO compass, auto pilots -VHF – GMELSS and voyage date recorders and
electrical installation accessories such as marine grade wire cables.
We provide all custom accessories and ship requirements

Service leasing machinery equipment and expertise, filed machining and
installation service

We are your trusted source for cost and efficient constructional heavy equipment, and we ensure to
you utmost quality and reliability from our equipment
1.Leasing heavy machinery and equipment for constructional earth foundation and concrete
2.Earth moving and pile driving equipment and vehicles
3.Earth compressing equipment and vehicles
4.Hoisting equipment and vehicles
5.Conveying equipment
6.Aggregate product equipment
7.Concrete construction equipment and vehicles

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